Tips on how to survive as homeless.

1) Call the homeless hotline at 330-452-4363.

We urge you to believe the homeless hotline will work. It is important to contact them everyday for openings in a major homeless shelter. The number is 330-452-4363.

Please take note, the homeless hotline will place you in a major shelter which has various resources, including counseling, evaluations, funding etc.. to help you rise out of homelessness. The conditions will vary greatly. It will not be like “your room at home”. Many shelters you will be sleeping in a cot in a room with no barriers between you and the next person with 8-30 people per room. If you can not possibly live under shelter conditions, then maybe the hotline or sheltering is not for you.

2) What to do for Food.

The Total Living Center and Refuge of Hope serve a hot meal for free every day.

3) Getting out of the weather 24/7

Places to hang out that are open 24hrs (warm in the winter)

Ferrarro’s Bakery

Denny’s on Tusc.

Denny’s on Everhard

Waffle House Belden Village

Waffle House on S. Cleveland

Timken Mercy Medical Emergency Room

Subway at Timken Mercy Medical Center

Aultman Hospital Emergency Room