Stark Panhandler

Helping Homeless that would otherwise not get shelter.

Many who just need a little guidance to use the current system, the addicted male, those currently expelled from a major shelter for addiction or behavior, along with a small group of people that just don’t fit current sheltering standards required for admission.


Improve Outreach Connecting the Needy to Existing Services

By reaching out to those who have given up hope.

Utilizing the faith based and business community volunteers to help the needy persevere and access existing services. Sometimes equipping the needy to survive while waiting for shelter openings.




Assist shelters to use existing resources more effectively

Return vacated rooms back to service quicker by augmenting on-site staff turn around times with volunteers. Repairing and servicing furniture, facilities and equipment that underfunded shelters struggle to maintain.

H.O.T. for change.

People are still homeless, with everything that is in place some people are still homeless.

It is our goal that everyone have a warm safe place to lie down. We want to ensure that no one dies from the elements and other risks. We realize that something different than what has been done must be done. We are hoping for real solutions that are really different which really address the problem.

For our faith based friends: We strongly believe that regardless of spiritual, social or physical condition no one should go into eternity without hope.


H.O.T. is trying to find a building

It is our hope that someone reading this can connect us to an unused building that would be suitable for sheltering the homeless. Think through all of your contacts to network us with someone that can help.

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