Our Approach

Core Values

• Homelessness is unacceptable.
• There are no homeless people.
Only people who have lost their
homes and deserve to be treated
with dignity and respect.
• Homelessness is expensive.
• Homelessness is solvable.
• Homelessness is preventable.
• We collaborate, encourage and
partner with those interested in
preventing and ending

Our Story

True Story

We partner with Larry Toalston, a local pastor ministering to the truly homeless in Canton, Ohio. Homeless live by trespassing in people's property, they are shy and secretive so they are not found, evicted, and charged with trespass. Larry earned their trust by leaving mason jars of soup near a tree. Eventually the homeless were curious about their "helper" and Larry was able to develop relationships with them over the years.  One Tuesday in March of 2016 at 11:35pm he received a call from the police to identify a homeless man's body at the morgue. The police found Larry's card (to help the homeless) in the dead man's pocket. Larry was able to identify Steve, who he had helped for over a year. Steve was found in a tarp shelter under a park bench.

We believe that no one should have to die cold and alone regardless of mental health issues, addictions or spiritual condition. We are working on a solution to help make a difference. Please pray with us as we seek God's will in this.

Ways We Help

Homeless Outreach Team is trying to help the community working on solving the problem of homelessness by doing the things that are not getting done.



For the least of these...

Providing a bare minimum safe warm dry place for those that cannot find it anywhere else. For H.O.T. this is our priority and mandate, no one is to die on our watch.


Think Tank


Gathering people together, from engineers to homeless, discussing and thinking about the problem; realizing that what is being done now only treats the symptoms. We work on new ideas and creative solutions that can help raise the oppressed and homeless out of poverty.



Most panhandlers are not homeless.

Most homeless are not panhandlers.


Please don't give panhandlers money, give them our card and we will help them if they are truly homeless. Giving them money only supports their addictive behavior (i.e. smokes and beer).

Contact signup

If you are too busy to do something personally then please connect us up with people from your church or business, or give financially to make a difference.