Pallets to Prosperity

We are seeking donations of wood scrap, including wood pallets, from the community, to use as firewood to generate heat and electricity, and also make these shabby chic crates for sale.



Raise food and vegetables using green science low environmental impact off the grid ideas and concepts because we think they partner well with problems of housing homeless including decreasing the environmental impact of any individual.




Raising bees is a complex job but for some people it is intuitive and partners well with personality disorders the social challenges that cause homelessness.


H.O.T. "change for change" Piggy Bank

HOT brings banks as pictured to your group (church, Sunday school, club, business, etc), please ask your group members for change by emptying their pockets and purses daily for six to eight weeks. This fund raiser campaign has been very successful. It doesn't disrupt your current revenue streams like titheing. but with many of the hundreds of churches and business groups and org participating these funds would add up to sustain a minimal shelter for the "least of these".

No cash for panhandlers... PLEASE!!!

You can simply give panhandlers our H.O.T. card which you can get at Total Living Centers or by contacting us. H.O.T. also has this packet in a ziploc, which includes a water bottle, a nutritious granola bar and our card, and a paper telling them to call H.O.T. to talk to a friend that helps homeless people.


Help us link up.

Get your church or club saving money in piggy banks for H.O.T. today.