We give blessing bags to the homeless

Donate any of these items, to help us make blessing bags.


Blessing Bag Contents

Disposable lighter, matches (adults only)

assorted bandaids

pocket size pack of kleenex


bottle of water (or non-alcoholic beverage)

pack of gum, mints, hard candy or non-perishable snacks

cough drops

individual wet wipes

hand sanitizer

adult toothbrush with cover

travel size toothpaste, floss & plackers

3 in 1 body wash or shower gel

bar of antibacterial soap & wash cloth in zip-lock bag

small hair brush/comb

travel size shampoo & conditioner

pocket size flashlight/batteries, used candles


travel size mouthwash


nail clippers, etc.

plastic rain parka

take-out cutlery, wrapped

travel size detergent or pod in ziplock bagg

activities: cards, pencil, pen, pad, books


Additional items for a woman’s bag:

tampons, pads, pantyliners in sandwich bag

make-up bags, or clear plastic bags with zippers


Additional items in winter:

pair of tube socks in zip-lock bag

disposable hand warmers

large garbage bag, rubberrbands

stocking or baseballl cap, gloves,scarf/muffler


additional items in summer:

bug spray, sunscreen, handheld fan